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Charte données personnelles

The present personal data and cookies charter (hereinafter the “Charter”) is intended for users of the website (hereinafter the “Site”).

When we employ the terms “You” or “Your”, we are referring to you as a Site user.

The purpose of this Charter is to inform you of the reasons and terms for processing:

on the one hand, your personal data on the Site, which constitutes information enabling your direct or indirect identification (hereinafter “Personal Data”),

on the other hand, information relative to your browsing of the Site, likely to be recorded in files called “cookies” or similar tools (hereinafter “Cookies”). Certain information from Cookies does not allow for your direct or indirect identification and does not therefore constitute Personal Data. Other information can enable your indirect identification and legally constitutes Personal Data (hereinafter “Data from Cookies”). For further information on Cookies and similar technologies and the processing of Data from Cookies, you may directly consult the “Cookies” section by clicking on the following link


In order to simplify matters, information from Cookies and Personal Data shall both be referred to hereinafter under the unique term “Data”.

This Site is published by the company Hachette Filipacchi Presse (HFP), a limited company with capital of €201,478,432, the head office of which is located at 149, rue Anatole France – Levallois-Perret (92534), registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under the number 582 101 424 (hereinafter the “Publisher” or “We”).

We may alter the Charter at any time in order to comply with any regulatory, jurisprudential, editorial or technical developments. Before browsing, we suggest that you refer to the latest version of the Charter. You can find out if there has been any alteration since your last consultation by checking the date on the top of the page.

The Charter is an integral part of the Site’s General Terms of Use.

The processing of your data is carried out in accordance with applicable regulations, and in particular the European Regulation “GDPR” (no. 2016-679 relative to the protection of physical persons with regards to the processing of data of a personal nature and the free flow of this data) and the “Information and Freedom” law, (law no.78-17 of 6th January 1978 relative to IT, files and freedom, amended, and any regulation that completes or substitutes these regulations (hereinafter “Rules on Information and Freedom”).

The Publisher is responsible for the processing of most of the Data processed on the Site, as specified below. Processing implies the use of a piece of Data (e.g., consultation, collection, etc.) However, the Publisher is not responsible for all the processing of your Data. Service Providers, Publisher clients or third-parties, may be solely responsible for some processes as specified below.


A. Processing for which the Publisher is responsible

When the user browses the Site, Data is likely to be collected and processed in order to enable access to certain Site services (Hereinafter the “Services”) for the purposes of administration and business management.

1) What Personal Data do you directly declare?

This pertains to Personal Data that you directly communicate for precise purposes (meaning objectives) in completing forms on our Sites.

Personal Data collected from forms:

The type of Personal Data collected by these forms is specific in itself and different according to the Services and the purpose of the processing. It may pertain to Personal contact Data (e-mail, postal address, telephone number, etc.).

Upon collection, you are indeed informed:

  • of the objectives of the Data collection (purpose);
  • whether or not certain information is obligatory or if it is optional, and where relevant, the implications of not providing obligatory information;
  • of those responsible for processing (usually the Publisher, but it could involve a partner/partners in which case you will be informed at the time of collection);
  • of your rights and the manner in which you may exercise them with those responsible for processing;
  • of the legal basis justifying the lawfulness of processing (e.g., whether the processing is based on your consent, or on the necessity to comply with a legal obligation or to carry out a contract between us, on the legitimate interest of the Publisher or of a third-party, etc.);
  • of the type of individual who is authorised access to your Data (meaning the recipients of your Data);
  • that should we intend to transfer your Data outside the European Union, we shall implement guarantees and inform you of these guarantees, ensuring the compliance of these transfers with the Rules on Information and Freedom;
  • of the period of conservation, or when this is not possible, of the criteria used to determine this period;
  • and generally speaking, of all the indications imposed by the Rules on Information and Freedom.

The present Charter again communicates this information and additional information to you.

2) Which Data is indirectly collected on the Site?

Generally speaking, it concerns Data from Cookies or other similar technologies. For further information on Cookies and their settings, click directly on the section.

This may concern:

  • Data relative to browsing: meaning Data collected during your browsing of the Site on behalf of the Publisher. The Publisher collects two types of browsing data:
    • Connection Data such as the date, the time of connection and/or browsing, the type of browser, the browser language, the IP address.
    • Geo-tracking Data referring to the data collected upon activation of geo-tracking systems when you connect to the Site. This geo-tracking service uses Data, such as GPS signals, device sensors, WiFi access points and cell tower identifiers, to calculate or estimate your precise position.
  • Data collected via social networks or any other third-party: If you have an account on a social network site and you access the Site without first subscribing to Services, we are able to receive information from these social networks in order to facilitate the creation of an account on the Site. When you use a Service via a social network, you allow us to access certain information that you have already provided to the social network site, such as in particular your username, your surname and first name, your profile photo and your data relative to the use of the Service. By accessing a Service via a social network, you authorise us to collect, store and use all the information that you have authorised the social network site to provide us with.
3) Why do we collect some of your Data?

The reason(s) for which Data is collected on the forms are specified upon collection.

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