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You can procure a copy of these protection guarantees by contacting the processing manager at contact.laeparis[at] or from our data protection representative at DelegueProtectionDonnees[at]

6) What are your rights and how to exercise them?

Pursuant to the Rules on Information and Freedom and within its limits, you have a right of access, rectification, deletion and in particular, a right to request the deletion of Data if it was collected when you were a minor, of opposition, limitation and portability of Data that concerns you.

When the processing of Data is carried out on the basis of your consent, you may withdraw that consent at any time.

When the processing is based on the legitimate benefit of the Publisher or of a third-party, you may oppose processing at any time, for reasons relating to your specific situation.

However, when the aim of processing is prospecting, you may oppose such processing without motive, including for profiling purposes in as much as it is related to such prospecting.

You have the opportunity to define instructions relative to the use of your Personal Data after your death.

The exercise of these rights may take place at any time with the Publisher when they are responsible for the processing at contact.laeparis[at] You can also contact the personal data protection representative at DelegueProtectionDonnees[at]

Personal Data that will be communicated within the context of your exercising your right of access and of portability, will be done privately and confidentially. In view of this, in order that your request for access and portability be taken into account, we ask that you provide the necessary elements for your identification, those are: a sworn written statement in which you attest to being the subject of the Personal Data in question as well as a photocopy of your identity document bearing a signature.

Finally, in the event of dispute, you may submit a claim to the CNIL (French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty)

7) Conservation period and archiving of Data

Your Data will not be conserved by the Publisher beyond the period strictly necessary for the purposes pursued, as stated herein and this, pursuant to the Rules on Information and Freedom and the applicable laws.

In this regard, the Data used for the purposes of prospecting may be conserved for a maximum period of 3 years from the end of business relations, for example the date of last contact that you had with the Publisher.

Upon expiry of the conservation periods for the principal purpose of processing, Data may be archived and conserved for the period of legal provision in order to defend our rights or for the period of conservation imposed by law.

Your Data will be deleted or definitively rendered anonymous when the conservation periods expire. However, it may be archived beyond the intended periods for the needs of research, observation and for the pursuit of criminal offenses, with the sole aim of enabling, wherever necessary, the provision of this Data to the judicial authority.

8) Security

We take the appropriate measures in technical and organisational terms to prohibit unauthorised access to, or divulging of, your Data to unauthorised persons.

In the event of a request for deletion, the Publisher will respond within the legal period in order to proceed with the deletion of Data but shall not be held responsible for any residual traces that may potentially be found over the Internet.

B. Processing for which the Publisher is not responsible

Some of your Personal Data collected via the Site may be used on behalf of third-party associates. In addition, these third-party associates can process information from Cookies on their own behalf. They are therefore responsible for the processing carried out and your rights shall be exercised with them.

Usually, such a transfer to third-parties is not carried out without your prior consent, unless another legal basis is more suitable.

When these third-parties are responsible for the processing of your Data, this information will be specified in the notices or special contractual documents (collection forms, game-contest rules, third-party associate’s or client’s privacy policy, etc., Cookie section of the present Charter).


1) What is a Cookie?

A Cookie or any similar tracker is a tracker likely to be saved to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and / or when you consult a Service with browsing software, via the Site.

A Cookie allows its issuer, during its period of validity, to recognise the device in question each time the device accesses digital content bearing Cookies from the same issuer, and depending on the type of Cookie, to collect additional, indirectly identifying information, on your behaviour within the Services.

In the event that the computer is used by several individuals, for example in the same family with the same browser, the Cookie is assigned to the browsing information of all the individuals having used the device, without distinction.

2) Who uses Cookies?

Cookies can be placed by the Publisher, not by its technical service providers or its partners or third-parties.

Only the Cookie operator, that is to say the person on behalf of whom it is issued, whether they be the issuer or not, is responsible for its use and the Data collected by it.

3) Why are Cookies placed on the Publisher’s Site?

The Cookies enable the Site to operate properly and to register your preferences, to provide the Publisher and its partners with information for statistical or advertising purposes. Below you will find the main purposes of Cookies issued on behalf of the Publisher and, in the partner’s privacy policies below, further information on the processing of the Cookies that they place.


These Cookies are necessary for the correct browsing of the Site, they serve in particular to:

  • adjust the presentation of the Site to the display preferences of your device (language used, display resolution, OS used, etc.);
  • memorise information relative to your username;
  • provide you with access to your account or any other reserved space thanks to your username;
  • implement security measures, for example when you are asked to reconnect to Content or a Service after a certain lapse of time.

Cookies for audience measurement help to establish statistics and volumes of traffic and use for the different elements that make up the Site (sections and content visited, itinerary), which in turn enable the Publisher to improve the interest and ergonomy of its Services.


Cookies are required for the proper functioning of advertising, even untargeted, which allows you to consult quality editorial content on the Site without financial disbursement.

Advertising Cookies enable, notably, (i) to avoid the repeated display of the same advert, even if the advert is not linked to your preferences, (ii) to audit, measure the advertising inventories and monitor the effectiveness of adverts for the purposes of marketing of advertising space, (iii) to determine in real time which adverts to display depending on your centres of interest in view of your recent browsing of the Site and other sites, in order (iv) to contribute to improving your browsing experience and make it more interesting as well as to improve the pertinence of messages that are likely to be addressed to you, once you have granted prior approval of this possibility, (v) to carry out studies intended to optimise the presentation of the offers from the Publisher.


As with other publishers of free sites funded by advertising, we implement means enabling the improved pertinence of advertisements. To this end, we and our partners collect, compare and analyse information, often aliases, from your browsing on the Site (online activities, visits, pages viewed, links) with the help of a line of code inserted in the pages that you visit.

We participate in and call upon exchange services based on the marketing username aliases contained in the Cookies (cookie matching) with third-parties, advertising networks or analytical services. These Cookie exchanges therefore enable clients of partners who propose these cookie exchange services to enhance user profiles using data that we possess for targeted advertising purposes.

These processes do not allow for your direct identification. However, only adverts concerning news, products or services likely to interest you, and of which you would not necessarily have been otherwise aware, will be displayed on the pages visited.

If you refuse the targeted advertising cookies, you will continue to receive adverts but they will be standard adverts, not related to your supposed preferences and therefore less likely to interest you.

In the event that we should consider obtaining from a third-party, information on your browsing in order to associate it to the Data with which you provide us, we shall first solicit your explicit approval before going ahead with such an association and addressing you with targeted adverts or canvassing.


The Publisher offers you the possibility of features that enable the sharing of editorial content, or any other type of content published on the Site, via social network sites. Social network Cookies are managed by the publisher of the social network site. You will find further information on the policy for the management of social network Cookies on the sites concerned.


“Adobe Flash Player”™ is software that enables the rapid development of dynamic content using the computer language “Flash”. Flash (and similar software apps) memorises the settings, preferences and use of content with the help of technology similar to that of Cookies. However, “Adobe Flash Player”™ manages this information and the User choices via a different interface to that which is provided by the User’s browsing software.


In continuing your browsing of the Site, you accept that the Publisher’s Cookies and those of third-parties be stored to your device, for the purposes specified in the information banner and the Charter herein.

You can nevertheless express your choice with the Publisher’s partners and at any time configure your browser preferences in such a way that Cookies are stored to your device or, on the contrary, that they are rejected, either systematically or according to their issuer. You can also configure your browser preferences so that the option to accept or reject cookies is offered to you every time you visit a website, before a Cookie is likely to be stored to your device.

Please note: the recognition of your preferences concerning advertising Cookies relies on a Cookie. If you delete all the Cookies stored in your device’s browser, we will no-longer know what consent you have given and this would then result in its being reset. Your consent, as a result, will be requested once again upon your next visit or when moving to another page of the Site.


It is presumed that you have given your consent:

  • by clicking on the icon “I understand” which features on the information banner visible upon first connection to the Site;
  • in continuing your browsing, that is to say when you have clicked on a Site component (image, link etc.) or you consult another page of the Site.

If you accept via your browser software the saving of Cookies to your device, Cookies included in the pages and content that you have viewed may be temporarily stored in an especially dedicated space on your device. They will be read only by their issuer.

Consent granted by you is valid for only thirteen (13) months from the first storing of the Cookie in your device, following the expression of your consent.


Certain Cookies are stored on our Site by the Publisher or its technical service providers and operated by the Publisher for its own needs, the Publisher is therefore responsible for them.

Other Cookies are issued and operated by third-party associates of the Publisher for purposes determined by these third-parties, the latter are therefore responsible for their processing.

Only the Cookie operator, whether they be the issuer or not, is responsible for its use and the Data collected by it.

Further information on the purposes of Cookies stored by third-parties can be found by reading the privacy policies of these partners that you will find via a link in the section “Exercise your choices for Cookies stored by third-parties” below.


In as much as your device is capable of visualising content developed with the language Flash, you can access its management tool for Flash Cookies, directly via

Link for description and privacy policyAdditional information use of Google Analytics implies a transfer of collected Data from Google Analytics’ Cookies outside the European Union to the United States. Google is a member of the programme called Privacy Shield, which has been recognised by the European Commission as offering an adequate level of protection to data of a personal nature transferred by a European entity to businesses in the United States.

In the event of refusal to use Cookies for the purposes of targeted advertising, adverts will continue to be displayed on the internet pages that you visit, but will not be adapted to your centres of interest.

Link for description and privacy policyYouTube is located in the United States and hosts Data in different countries outside the European Union. YouTube is a member of the programme called Privacy Shield, which has been recognised by the European Commission as offering an adequate level of protection to data of a personal nature transferred by a European entity to businesses in the United States.






Exercising your choices on Cookies issued by, or on behalf of, the Publisher:
Other means of exercising your choices:

You can connect to the site youronlinechoices, proposed by digital advertising professionals grouped together in the European association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. You will be able to discover the companies involved in this platform and who offer the possibility to refuse or accept Cookies used by these companies to adjust to the User’s browser information, adverts likely to be displayed on their devices:

This site, published in English, also enables you to express your choice online via the following link:

For Cookie preferences, the settings for each browser are different. They are described in your browser’s help menu, which will tell you how to edit your cookie preferences. 
For Internet Explorer™: 
For Safari™: 
For Chrome™: 
For Firefox™: 
For Opera™:

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